The community clinics in Jerusalem and Herzliya provide alternative medical treatments for a symbolic fee. The treatments are given for 5 years to patients dealing with cancer and their family members.

The Center also provides supporting treatments for family members who have lost a loved one to cancer for a period of one year.

The goal of the community clinics is to allow a treatment sequence for those dealing with a cancer for a prolonged period and in an array of various treatments: various touch-based treatments, community Chinese and Japanese acupuncture, emotional therapy, support groups, etc.

To treat the caregiver: that is, to provide treatments to those who support and accompany cancer patients, and to provide access to a regular and steady treatment framework. All of these create a welcoming home and a supportive community.

In the clinic we provide:

Touch-based therapy such as reflexology, massage, Thai massage, Shiatzu, cranio-sacral massage, reiki, brima and more.

Rehabilitation treatments: Feldenkrais, Japanese community acupuncture, Chinese community acupuncture

Body-Mind Therapy: The Journey, Holistic Pulsing, psychotherapy, focusing, art therapy.

The clinic treatments are 40-minute long and are given for a symbolic fee of 75 NIS.

 Yuri Shtern House – Emek Refaim 6, Jerusalem

Intake sessions (first time) and regular sessions can be scheduled via phone: 0775181021 or through WhatsApp: 0507711554

Clinic Hours:

Sun 08:30 – 19:00

Mon 08:30 – 16:00

Tue 08:30 – 16:00

Wed 08:30 – 19:00

Thu 08:30 – 19:00

Please contact the acting clinic director, Tom Ben Hamo at


By the Sea – Community Clinic Herzliya

The ‘By the Sea’ Clinic is located in the Arena Mall in Herzliya. The clinic offers an array of touch-based treatments and psychotherapy for those dealing with cancer and their family members in a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere and for subsidized fees. We have wonderful team of caregivers who have all been through our unique oncological training program.

For scheduling treatments please contact us: 051-5368833 (including via WhatsApp)

Herzliya clinic director – Hadas Almog

The clinic is located in the Arena Mall in Herzliya, 2 Shunit St., Floor 1

Patient testimonials:

“As a patient I can attest to a place that is built on listening, grace and giving. To arrive at the center, for me, means to return home encouraged, less stressed, to know that someone tried to address my pains, whether physical or mental. For me, the center is part of the process of healing and recovering.” – Shoshana, patient in the community clinic

“First of all, this place is like home,” says Maya Dotan, a dear patient of ours, as she describes the humane encounter with our team of caregivers and staff: “From the first session, everybody remembered my name, who I was, every time I arrived I saw shining faces.” In addition to her conventional treatments, Maya received alternative treatments for a year in the Jerusalem clinic. “I don’t have the words to describe how helpful this was, and how much stronger it made me, both physically and mentally, throughout this year.”

Sivan Leshem Chai, former community clinic director

Our community clinic was established in 2009 with the idea of giving a wider range of treatments to those dealing with cancer and their loved ones. Since, our clinic developed and today it serves as an anchor and an island of sanity for hundreds of patients. It also serves as a home and a community for dozens of caregivers, who develop in it, and who draw inspiration and satisfaction from it.

We provide treatments for approximately 700 active patients, and about 6000 treatments a year. Today, in our clinic there are about 80 caregivers and volunteers providing a wide range of holistic treatments. From my perspective as a director, the most meaningful thing we do is expand the boundaries of the idea of recovery. From a holistic viewpoint of seeing the patient as a whole, we understand that in order for one to recover, all aspects must be addressed – the physical, the mental, and the spiritual. In many cases, getting over the disease does not necessarily mean recovery.


We offer a wide range of treatments: touch-based therapy, massages (Swedish, deep tissue, Thai, Shiatzu, Tuina), reflexology, Japanese and Chinese acupuncture, medical hypnosis, rehabilitation therapy (Feldenkrais, cranio-sacral, healing) and processional treatments such as physical/mental psychotherapy, focusing, spiritual guidance, as well as courses, lectures and workshops that are open to public. The Holisitic Center is a home for knowledge, for inspiration and developed, which also offers professional workshops, lectures and courses such as mindfulness, intuitive drawing and more. Recently, we established the ‘caregiver club’ in which we offer a monthly free workshop in various topics, as well as treatment exchanges. We want our caregivers to be at the forefront of oncological-oriented treatments, and our goal is to share our 15-year long knowledge.

Our patients can receive treatments for up to 5 years from their last oncological treatments, and each patient can bring someone to accompany them, who can receive up to two treatments a month, and for up to 2 years. Additionally, a brief accompanying person can receive treatments for up to a year from the time of a loved one’s passing.